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Gems ICO – A Genuinely Useful, Multi Problem Solving Use of Blockchain


The Gems ICO is potentially set to be one of the 2018 ICO darlings of the year. Industry leaders behind it, industry legends advising, and a true problem solving use of blockchain technology in the real world.

Gems is a decentralised platform for contract workers in the digital micro tasks sector, a space currently dominated by the likes of Amazon Mechanical Turk and CrowdFlower — a hugely successful industry that essentially allows companies to subcontract micro tasks out to essentially low wage workers, whilst the service providers take fees at almost every point in the process.

For those that aren’t familiar with “micro tasks” — they are usually somewhat tedious processes that need to be done in bulk and at scale, but not cost effective for large companies to carry out in an “in-house” environment. Think error checking, bulk image resizing, data editing — all those small and awkward tasks or jobs that large companies need doing — but don’t have, need or want to recruit local staff to undertake.

As the worlds thirst for data, detail and efficiency increases, more and more tasks need doing from the ever expanding digital industry — so much so it’s being regarded as the digital equivalent of the sweatshop. Workers are low paid, transaction fees are high and increasing, further reducing what workers are paid.

Efficiency of current micro task platforms has stagnated at best as loopholes are found and exploited by users and workers alike. Quality and efficiency of current platforms and the work done within them also have their issues — verifying jobs and quality checking is not hard to manipulate simply because the existing platforms are not being bought up to date with current technology.

Gems almost entirely eliminates the “middleman” aspect of the industry at multiple levels meaning more work gets done, the work is of higher quality, worker wage are improved and user costs lowered — all round there aren’t many other “issue solved” boxes Gems could tick if it wanted to.

Gems — Genuinely changing the micro task business

The people behind Gems

Brothers Rory and Kieran O’Reilly are founders — both listed by Forbes under consumer tech in their “30 under 30” and creators of the hugely successful

Advisors so far include an incredibly impressive (although short) list of names.

On the business side of things:

· Biz Stone, co-founder of both Twitter and Medium

· Ben Maurer, co-founder of reCAPTCHA (bought by Google), previous experience working at Google and Facebook

On the tech side:

Joe Urgo, co-founder of district0x and founder of Sourcerers, formerly with Coinbase, and experience as a derivatives trader

· Joey Krug, co-founder of Augur, CIO at Pantera Capital and a writer for Forbes magazine

· Luis Cuende, also a Forbes 30 under 30 recipient, co-founder at both Aragon and Stampery

Whilst details of the actual sale have yet to be published in full — the preliminary whitepaper has been well thought through and detailed, as has their roadmap — the milestones are well-ordered and logical and perhaps most importantly are actually achievable.

Their approach to the promotion of the business follows in a similar vein to the very successful Quanstamp ICO with the efficient execution of “proof-of-care” with respect to spreading the word and generating interest with quality user content, opinion and feedback through their Gems Community Program.

Find out more and stay informed — don’t wait for it to come to you — in the time it took to compile this piece, the Gems Telegram Group has increased by almost 1000 members:

Gems Homepage

Gems Blog

Gems Whitepaper

Gems Telegram

Gems on Twitter

Gems Youtube Channel

We’ll be rating and ranking the Gems ICO potential inside as details emerge — sign up for priority access to the launch of ICOformula and see how the detailed analysis and prediction for the Gems ICO take shape.

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